The Performance of The Supervisor of English

Improving the performance of supervisors starts from the stage of their recruitment. Choosing a supervisor should be based on some criteria. 

A supervisor should

  • be interested in the job.
  • have a long history of experience as a talented teacher.
  • have a good command of English and should be fluent.
  • be quite aware of the teaching skills necessary for making an effective teacher of English.
  • have some knowledge about the different and up-to-date methods of teaching English.
  • have a clear idea about the courses taught in all the stages ( Primary, Preparatory and Secondary).
  • be aware of the objectives of these courses.
  • have a very good idea about the techniques used for teaching the different types of lessons.

The Supervisor’s role

A good supervisor should

  • provide a feeling of security.
  • create a friendly atmosphere with the teachers he is supervising.
  • inform teachers, in his first orientation visit, how they are going to be evaluated.
  • inform teachers about the dates of his visits.
  • provide every possible help to improve and develop teachers’ performance.
  • provide systematic training courses based on topics suggested by the teachers themselves.

Personality traits of a good supervisor

A good supervisor should:

  • be fair (his evaluation should not be influenced by personal disputes).
  • be flexible i.e. he should give teachers the chance to express their points of view freely.
  • be motivating and not frustrating so as to overcome weaknesses and enhance strengths.
  • be a good listener.
  • be friendly and supportive.
  • encourage creativity i.e. encourages teachers to create their own techniques that best suit the standard of their students.

General recommendations for supervisors

  • encourage teachers to be creative and not be slaves to the Teacher’s Book or Guide.
  • avoid being a fault finder.
  • provide immediate feedback, guidance and support. Let evaluation be your last and final target.
  • be co-operative with the other supervisors.
  • attend seminars and workshops for in-service training.
  • make use of the Internet programs dealing with Teacher Evaluation Techniques.

This is, in fact, a quick look at the work of a supervisor of English and how he can be successful in his job.  I hope you all benefit from this article.

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