A Recommended Procedure for Effective Teaching

From my experience, I think that any teaching situation should include the following instructional events:

  1. Warming up (Orientation)

  2. Informing students of the objectives (Tasks) they are going to carry out during the lesson.

  3. Recalling old information (Prerequisites) that is necessary for understanding the new stimulus (material).

  4. Presenting the new vocabulary items.

  5. Presenting the new stimulus and conducting a discussion based on the topic in hand to check understanding.

  6. Practice (Formative Evaluation): At this stage students work out some exercises to practise using the new language items presented during the lesson. The teacher can give help and guidance as well as remedial work.

  7. Evaluation (Summative): Students work out a final exercise (Test) to evaluate their performance. No help of any kind at this stage.

  8. Immediate scoring (Feedback) of students’ answers to check to what extent the objectives of the lesson have been achieved.

  9. Assigning homework to reinforce and consolidate what has been taught and practised during the lesson.

  10. Self-evaluation and feedback where the teacher tries to evaluate his own performance.


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