Notes for Teachers


On the occasion of being back to school, I would like teachers to consider the following notes:

Engage all students in activities or tasks that would ensure the achievement of your lesson objectives. Grade your activities ranging from controlled to freer ones. Make a balance between oral and written work focusing on major skills rather than sub-skills.

Develop a relaxed atmosphere for learning depending on acceptance, tolerance and mutual respect. Encourage communication and active participation. Have trust in your students’ capabilities and let them know it.

Urge backward students and slow-learners to participate actively in classroom discussions. Identify and understand the strategies that are used to involve these students in activities that would help motivate them.

Consider your students’ various learning styles when planning, teaching and evaluating. Choose proper techniques that would help students acquire the different language skills.

Accept criticism, advice and recommendations from peers, coordinator and supervisor. Remember that none of us is perfect and that there is always room for improvement.

Transfer the outside world into your classroom. Contextualization helps consolidate what students learn inside the classroom and apply it in their daily life.

Implement various assessment activities. Prepare your assessment tools in advance and try to make good use of the results in modifying your teaching approaches and techniques so as to achieve better results.

Organise your work in advance. Have a clear and comprehensive plan that covers all instructional events starting from orientation and ending up with evaluation and reflection. Remember that mental preparation is as essential as written lesson plans.

Never talk too much in the classroom. Give an ample opportunity to students to practise using English. Remember that practice makes perfect.

I wish you all the best of luck and a very successful year.