The teaching of new vocabulary items


There are certain learning behaviours that are related to the teaching of new vocabulary items. These behaviours are:

· Recognizing the spoken and written forms of a word

· Pronouncing the word correctly

· Spelling it

· Using it

Types of vocabulary:

1. Passive vocabulary     (Recognition only)

2. Active vocabulary       (Pronounce, spell and use)

(The type of vocabulary is decided by the course writer)

Sequencing the different behaviours:

1. Introduce the new word in context

2. Explain or elicit the meaning

3. Teach pronunciation

4. Show the written form

5. Teach the spelling of the productive words only

6. Teach how to use the productive vocabulary

Presenting new vocabulary items:

New vocabulary items must never be presented in isolation. A new word must always be presented in a context. Teachers should realize that the meaning of the word is determined by the context in which it is used.

Explaining the meaning of new vocabulary items:

The following techniques are recommended for explaining the meaning of new vocabulary items:

Dramatization, synonyms, antonyms, drawings, action, miming, objects (realia), pictures, photographs, definitions and translation.