“Vocbulary” and “Grammar” Exercises for Third Year Secondary (Qatari Schools)

Dear colleagues, teachers and students,
As mentioned earlier, now the “Vocabulary Exercises” are available for download as well as  Grammar exercises” for Third Year Secondary students. We hope they will be useful to all those who are interested.
Best wishes and good luck to all our students.


Writing and Comprehension Exercises (+ Writing samples )

Dear colleagues, teachers and students,
It gives me pleasure to inform you all about the efforts made by Dr. Essam El-din Yousef, my dearest coleague, in preparing some writing exercises based on the textbooks taught in Qatar for the Third Year Secondary. He has also added some samples so that students can benefit from them. In addition to this, some comprehension passages with exercises and questions similar to those students come across in their final exams have been added. Dr Essam gave me permission to upload the file including these exercises on my space so that any one can download it and benefit from the exercises prepared. We are all much obliged to Dr. Essam and we would like to thank him for his great efforts.
For our visitors and those who are interested, you can click “Profile” and then you can download the file.
Very soon, I will also add two other files for the same grade (Third Secondary-Qatari schools) that include exercises on vocabulary and grammar. They are being revised these days. I hope you find them useful.
I wish you all the best of luck.