Building an Effective Classroom Culture

In accordance with the Supreme Education Counciland in cooperation with the Cognition school support team, the weekly professional development sessions started yesterday morning. The school support team, headed by Mr. Blackburn, and I, acting as the Academic Vice Principal of Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School for Boys, decided that the first session of the teachers’ professional development should be on helping teachers to know what we expect to see in their classes when we visit them, to evaluate their  performance and to develop their teaching practices so as to be able to elevate students’ level of performance and improve the quality of teaching and learning. Alan, the English AT gave a presentation entitled “Building an Effective Classroom Culture“. Working as a team, Alan (English AT) , Martin (SMA) , Dave (Science AT) and myself (School AVP) participated in the presentation at different intervals. It was a successful model of team-teaching. Teachers were really responsive and group work helped a lot in enriching the discussions eliciting the teachers’ points of view concerning the communication strategies they use in the classroom, the key factors that help build good rapport with students and the strategies they use to empower their students. In conclusion, Allen clarified what we expect to see in a classroom, which is summarised in:
  • a Clear Learning Objective on the board
  • a lesson with a Clear Start
  • a Clear Middle that comes from the start
  • a Definite End that relates back to the learning objective

To download this useful presentation, click here