The National Professional Standards and Teacher’s Self Audit

In the course of getting teachers acquainted with the Teachers’ National Professional Standards, Mr. Blackburn, Head of the School Support Team, conducted a session based on the national professional standards for teachers.

The session started with a “Do-now-activity” getting teachers to match some pictures with the professional standards that correspond with them. It seems that teachers have become accustomed to such a type of exercise or activity. It is a starter activity that needs good preparation from the part of the teacher or the trainer, where trainees are assigned a task to do as soon as they enter the lecture room or the classroom. The trainer does not say a word, but the task is clearly explained to the trainees, either on board or in handouts. Once trainees get into class, they start working out the task or the activity.

Teachers were really responsive and were eager to participate actively. It was clear from the discussions that: “One piece of evidence can cover an enormous number of standards”.

The main issue was to help teachers prepare their own “self audit“. Marty,  school SMA, clarified the meaning of “self audit”. He said that it describes what you know about each of the professional standards and what you think it means. He also mentioned that it must be written from the teacher’s point of view. For practice, groups of teachers were provided with a handout of the professional standards for teachers, and each group was to decide what each professional standard means. It was an interesting activity that aroused the interest of all teachers.

I think teachers benefited a lot and they are now ready to prepare their own self audit.  For their professional portfolios,  teachers need to prepare their self audit as one of the five factors needed for licensing.