Effective Lesson Plenary Sessions

By lesson plenary we mean the way a lesson is ended. A lesson plenary should include the routines for the end of the period and the summary activities. Marty, SMA of the school, elicited some of the routines students need to complete at the end of each period. Trainees came up with different ideas that can be summed up in the following:


Students need to:

  • finish questions and notes
  • collect or write down their homework
  • tidy up the room for the next class
  • carry out any other classroom administration

Marty clarified the importance of making sure that students have learnt and that objectives have been achieved. Students must be able to:

  • demonstrate that they understand the learning objective
  • demonstrate it, say it, show it or do it

What should your plenary look like?

A teacher needs to create a quality summary. It has to be:

  • brief
  • purposeful
  • varied

A teacher also needs to encourage students to share ideas from the lesson that they had trouble understanding, as individuals, pairs or  in groups.

To exemplify lesson plenaries, the members of the SSO team Alan, Colin and Dave, as well as Reda El-Mahdy, The AVP of Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School for Boys, in turn, gave practical examples of lesson plenaries for the different subject areas.

In conclusion of the session, Marty gave the following pieces of advice to teachers:

  • Always smile and thank your class for their valuable participation
  • Make as little reference to disruptive students as possible
  • Let students leave with positive attitudes if you want them top return with positive attitudes

Marty assured the fact that the SSO team do want the teachers to use effective lesson plenaries to develop their teaching.


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