Effective Lesson Starters

Last Sunday 25th November 2009, the SSO team gave a session on “Effective Lesson Starters“. It all started with a word puzzle as a “Do-Now-Activity” getting trainees to allocate names of New Zealand regions and cities. Trainees were interested in that type of activity which proved to be a very effective starter for the session.
The main objective of the session was to clarify the importance of starting the lesson with activities that are related to lesson objectives as this helps:


  • gain students’ attention
  • set the mode for the lesson
  • prepare students for the new stimulus
  • arouse students’ interest

David, the Science AT of the school, talked about the importance of effective lesson starters mentioning that:

  • students who ar active do not get bored
  • boredom often leads to bad behaviour!
  • students’ brains are “switched on”
  • a good starter reminds students of previous learning
  • a good starter informs students of what they are expected to know by the end of the lesson
  • a good starter sets the “tone” for the rest of the lesson

Teachers are kindly requested to make good use of the information discussed during the session and apply the techniques used  in their teaching so as to improve their performance and the quality of teaching.



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