Introduction to the National Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders

The professional development sessions in our school ABHSS started last Sunday 10th October, 2010. The first session dealt with a very important topic for teachers and school leaders. It was just an introduction to the National Professional Standards for teachers and school leaders.

The session started by stating the objectives which are:

Providing teachers with a simple introduction to the National Professional Standards for teachers and school leaders.

Giving the teachers the opportunity to classify some school activities against the professional standards.

In a brainstorming task, the teachers tried to tell what the National Professional Standards are.

The National Professional Standards describe the capabilities that teachers need to provide challenging and rewarding learning experiences for students.

They comprise twelve interrelated, career-long standards that address the key requirements of
teachers working in Independent Schools or seven that apply to senior managers.

They apply to all teachers and managers in Qatari schools.

All teachers will be given provisional registration as teachers in Qatar. (Provisional Licence)

Now teachers can apply for full registration.  (Full Licence)

To gain full registration teachers and managers must demonstrate that they have met the criteria of the professional standards.

To do this they must provide evidence that they have had experience with all the standards.


In fact, there are three classifications of teachers in Qatar:

Entry level teachers are new entrants to an Independent School.

Proficient teachers have demonstrated successful teaching in one or more Independent Schools.

Advanced skill teachers have demonstrated highly accomplished and successful teaching in one or more Independent Schools.

Here is a list of the National Professional Standards for teachers:

  1. Structure innovative and flexible learning experiences for individuals and groups of students.
  2. Use teaching strategies and resources to engage students in effective learning.
  3. Foster language, literacy and numeracy development.
  4. Create safe, supportive and challenging learning environments.
  5. Construct learning experiences that connect with the world beyond school.
  6. Apply ICT in managing student learning
  7. Assess and report on student learning
  8. Apply knowledge of students and how they learn to support student learning and Development
  9. Apply teaching/subject area knowledge to support student learning.
  10. Work as a member of professional teams.
  11. Build partnerships with families and the community.
  12. Reflect on, evaluate and improve professional practice.

Whereas the standards for school leaders are:

  1. Lead and manage learning and teaching in the school community.
  2. Develop, communicate and report on the strategic mission and aims of the school community.
  3. Lead and manage change.
  4. Lead and develop people and teams.
  5. Develop and manage school-community relations.
  6. Develop and manage resources.
  7. Reflect on, evaluate and improve leadership and management.

This means that every teacher or school leader in Qatar must become registered.  To gain full registration, a teacher or a school leader must demonstrate competency against the National Professional Standards.


To support teachers and school leaders in this:

All teacher and leader job descriptions are referenced against the NPSTL.

Appraisal documentation is referenced against the NPSTL

All professional development is referenced against the NPSTL

You will be given guidance on the process of gaining provisional registration.

You will be given step by step instructions on setting up a portfolio that will be used for attestation purposes.

You will be provided with a mentor to help you properly annotate and prepare your portfolio.


You can download this presentation by clicking on the following link “The National Professional Standards”