AESN (Additional Educational Support Needs) Students

on Sunday 10th April, 2011 the AESN team had the chance of giving a presentation about the AESN Department and the different roles they play in the school.

The presentation was successful as it helped staff define AESN and how to identify AESN students. Staff are now familiar with the roles played by the AESN team and are now aware of the different teaching strategies that best suit AESN students. Inclusion of GAT and AESN students in planning and assessment has been stressed. Trainees were active and interested.

You may download the presentation here.


On Sunday 3rd April, 2011 Mr. Metwally Al-Agouz the Math Coordinator gave an important presentation on “Differentiation”. Mr Metwally elicited the definition of “differentiation”, how to recognize differences among students, and how to take care of these differences.

The workshop was successful and full of fruitful discussions. The topic of the workshop “Differentiation” is argumentative. However, there was a general agreement about the importance of providing differentiated tasks to get all students involved. It has been decided that this should be followed with an AESN presentation to emphasise the importance of differentiation in the classroom. We’d like to thank Mr. Metwally, the Math coordinator for his efforts and interesting presentation.

You can download the workshop presentation here.

How to Write a Research

All of us know the importance of research and writing researches in our life. Dr. Hussein Kora, the Arts coordinator, has volunteered to give a presentation on this topic. On Sunday 20th March, 2011 Dr. Hussein, with the help of Mr. Mohamed Wael, the LRC Coordinator worked together and gave a presentation on “How to Write a Research’.

The presentation was effective and we should thank Dr, Hussein Kora and Mr. Mohamed Wael for their great efforts in the preparation of the material for the presentation. Their co-teaching was successful and interesting. Now staff are familiar with the procedures used for writing a research. We think that this needs to be followed up with examples of research best practice for consolidation.

You can download a copy of the presentation used here.

School Self Review

In cooperation with the other schools, I have been asked to present a workshop on the SSR (School Self Review). I have had the chance of presenting this workshop in two different girls schools; “Al-Resala Secondary Independent School for Girls” and “Al-Rayyan Aljadid Independent Secondary School for Girls”. In both schools as well as in our school, it was clear that the topic itself was of great importance to the whole staff. They were eager to know how the school is evaluated and what the different stages for school self-review are.

I think all staff, now, are familiar with the procedures used for school self-review and the different tools used for this purpose. Now they are familiar with the 8 aspects, focus areas and focus questions of the school self-review. In our school, the school self-review committee has already reviewed the first aspects and provided the evidences ensuring the quality of achieving them. All the other aspects are being reviewed.

Shortly, Iwill go through the same process and present the same workshop in a third girls school “Om-Ayman Independent Secondary School for Girls”.

You can download the presentation here.