Leaders and Teachers 4-Day Workshop – Module 1

The Supreme Education Council (SEC) in Qatar is responsible for providing professional development to school leaders and teachers. In this respect the “Leaders and Teachers 4-Day Workshop” started on Tuesday 15th November, 2011 at “Regency Halls”. In this training course, two great efficient trainers, Margaret Bishop– NPS Consultant and Ian Smyth – NPS Consultant are doing their best to focus on the main topic of the course which is the National Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders as well as the process of preparing professional portfolios.

The best thing about the course is the way the workshops are conducted and the practical side that involves all participants in fruitful discussions. The two trainers are keen on using different strategies that teachers can make good use of in their own teaching in the classroom, for instance, Brainstorming, the KWHLD strategy, the Y-Chart, Hot Potato, Treasure Hunt and Lotus Chart.

In Week 1, we discussed the following:

  1. Requirements for the NPSTSL(National Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders) Programme
  2. My Reflective Journal
  3. Describing best (school, teacher, teaching, classroom and educational leadership) practice
  4. Linking ‘best practice’  to the NPSTSL
  5. WHY National Professional Standards?
  6. Implementing NPSTSL
  7. Writing your personal statement

I think the workshop was really effective. I think I am lucky enough to attend this course.

Use the link below to download the presentation and handouts of the workshop.


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