Leaders and Teachers 4-Day Workshop Module 2

Last Tuesday 22nd November, 2001, we started working on Module 2 that deals in great depth with the National Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders. The trainers explicitly explained Standard 1 (for teachers and leaders). The practical side focused on getting teachers and school leaders to annotate and describe how each of the pieces of evidence they have prepared meets the points of the evidence guide for standard 1. As usual, the trainers used pedagogical strategies that can be useful for teachers in the future such as: Brainstorming, Group Work, and Celebrity Heads. In fact, applying these strategies helped to see the standards in action.

It was also good getting some teachers and school leaders to read out their personal statements to the audience and to comment on them.

In Week 2, we discussed the following:

  1. The teaching standards
  2. The format of the standards (Title, descriptor, statements, indicators, and evidence guide).
  3. Implementing the NPSTSL
  4. Examples of personal statements
  5. Annotating a piece of evidence on Standard 1

The workshop was really effective. It is my turn next time to read out my Personal Statement.

Use the link below to download the presentation and handouts of the workshop.


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