Preparing a Leader’s Portfolio for Attestation

All of us know the importance of the Academic Vice Principal’s work and how essential it is for the success of the educational process and the professional development of the staff in independent schools. To empower AVPs, some Academic Vice Principals have decided to form a forum for the Academic Vice Principals to exchange experience and knowledge. All Academic Vice Principals in Qatar are invited to join the Forum. A monthly meeting is held where volunteers give presentations on topics of mutual interest. I was lucky enough to give a presentation on School Self Review last month (second meeting for the forum).

This morning, Tuesday 17th April, 2012, the third meeting for the forum was held in my school (Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School for Boys). I was invited to give a presentation on preparing a leader’s portfolio.

The main objectives of the workshop that were achieved to a great extent were:

  • Identifying the different sections of a leader’s portfolio
  • Identifying the contents of each section
  • Displaying the new QORLA documents and how to use them
  • Naming evidences of practice for leaders
  • Applying for the Full Licence

The five sections or folders of a leader’s portfolio:

Section 1

This section includes your curriculum vitae as well as your personal statement or your educational philosophy.

Section 2

This is your self-audit (Self-Review).  It is a personal reflection on your progress in working with the national professional standards. In the light of the evidence guide bullet points for each standard, you identify your strengths, weaknesses and your plan for improvement.

Section 3

This section includes evaluation reports of your leadership practices prepared by an independent person.  It will most likely be a school evaluation report by the Principal of the school.

Section 4

This section includes copies of any awards, certificates and professional development evidence that are relevant to your leadership practice.

Section 5

This contains evidence of practice.  You must present seven folders of evidence that cover all seven standards. You need to fill in an evidence submission form with each evidence of practice.

Examples of the new documents of QORLA were displayed and discussed. It was also a good chance to present my portfolio with the modifications required by QORLA “Attestation Office”.

I like to thank all participants for cooperation and active participation.

You can download this presentation here.


School Self Review

What is school self review?

What is the purpose of school self review?

How can we make use of school self review to improve and develop our schools?

In answer to these questions, I tried to sum up what school self review is, its purpose and how to make good use of it.

School self review is an ongoing process reviewing the level of performance through:

  • collecting data
  • analyzing it
  • identifying strengths and areas that need development
  • setting strategic plans to improve and develop performance

Even though community is involved in the review process, it is not advisable to be seen by any person from outside the school, but the results of the review are clearly shown or displayed in the school annual report.