Professional Development in our School


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School’s vision for professional development

Professional development in our school (Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School for Boys) is an essential process that aims at developing teachers’ performance. This is always reflected in the performance of students and raising the level of learning outcomes. Professional development fosters teaching that depends on the use of the latest tools and teaching methods, the activation of technology in education and student-centered teaching.  The school’s vision, in this respect, is summed up in the preparation of highly qualified (academically and professionally) teachers who are armed with modern technology to serve the educational process and to contribute to the preparation of good citizens who meet the requirements of society in the light of Islamic education.

Target group of professional development at school

Professional development in our school makes sure all staff are involved including school senior management team, middle managers (subject coordinators), teachers, administrators, social workers, receptionist, secretary and workers. The main aim behind this is to familiarize them with how to deal well with students.

How to take advantage of school professional development

School benefits from professional development in many ways. The most important of these is upgrading teachers to provide them with the latest methods of teaching and evaluation and the use of technology in education. And that will certainly be reflected on upgrading the performance of students and increasing their educational attainment and thus improving school outcomes.

Types of professional development for school workers

Multiple types of professional development take place in our school where there is a professional development plan prepared by the school and approved by the SEC (Supreme Education Council). It includes internal professional development  (inside the school) programs as well as professional development programs provided by the SEC, such as those programs of curriculum standards, professional standards and preparing professional portfolios of leaders and teachers, along with other external programs in collaboration with various training centers.

The work of the school professional development committee:

There is special school committee for professional development and it has weekly meetings as it is responsible for the preparation of a school professional development plan. The committee also follows-up the implementation of the plan. Every Tuesday is dedicated to workshops for staff. Workshops are assessed on the same day by the committee. Committee documents of all professional development activities are kept in special files for future reference.