ABC Teaching

PD ABC Teaching 6Professional Development sessions started in our school (Ahmed Bin Hanbal Secondary School for Boys) today. I thought of starting by having a quick revision on the basics of the teaching process; starting from planning and ending up with evaluation.

PD ABC Teaching 7I also thought of applying various teaching techniques and strategies in the workshop to help teachers see those strategies in practice. Some of the strategies I used are: KWL, Think, pair and share, Brainstorming, Group discussion, Elicitation, Group work and Concept Map.

PD ABC Teaching 2The workshop was very successful as the trainees were interested and eager to participate in all activities.

PD ABC Teaching 3I did my best to make sure that the presentation covers all the basics of the teaching process and I think this presentation can be very helpful to novice teachers as well as experienced ones.

PD ABC TeachingTo have a clear idea about the points discussed in the workshop, I recommend you download the presentation here.

5 responses to “ABC Teaching

  1. ما شاء الله تبارك الله دائما ما نستمتع بك مدرباً قديراً لنا بارك الله لنا فيك

  2. كانت ورشة رائعة ومفيدة جدا ويا ريت يقوم الزملاء بتنفيذ عدد من الاستراتيجيات الكثيرة التي تم تناولها
    وقد يختار الزميل استراتيجيتين او اكثر في الحصة مع الشكر الجزيل للاستاذ الفاضل رضا سعد المهدي النائب الاكاديمي

  3. كان اليوم جميﻻ ونال رضا الجميع وكنت اراك محلقا في . .. السماء

  4. كان اليوم جميﻻ وتال رضا الجميع وكنت اراك تحلق في السماء انت مبدع ادام الله عليك التميز

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