Effective Teaching Strategies

Effective Teaching Strategies

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2014-10-28 07.26.41Professional training in our school takes place every Tuesday. As scheduled in the school professional development plan, the Academic Vice Principal was supposed to conduct a workshop on “The Effective Teaching Strategies”. The Professional Development Committee of the school held a meeting of on Sunday 26 – 10 – 2014, and decided to conduct a workshop that aims at cementing a number of effective teaching strategies. The Committee agreed to offer an opportunity for teachers to share their experience in implementing a variety of teaching strategies with their colleagues. Hence, Mr. Alsayed Abou-Alwafa, the Chemistry teacher, and Mr. Nizar El Euch, the English teacher, have been called to participate in accommodating the workshop of Tuesday 28-10-2014 with two effective teaching strategies in coordination with the Academic Vice Principal Mr. Reda Saad Elmahdy.

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Mr Alsayed has chosen the Traffic Signals Strategy and Mr. Nizar The Graphic Organizer Strategy. The workshop was delivered in a professional and effective way that appealed to all the participants. The workshop helped the trainees to be involved in a lot of practical activities, fruitful discussions and interactions. Most of the participants have shown great willingness to implement the strategies they have practised in the workshop. This strongly reflects the teachers’ positive attitude towards their job and their readiness for change as well as succeeding in customizing the workshop in a way that suits the needs of all the teachers.

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The Professional Development Committee held a post workshop meeting for evaluation and recommendations. The team has come up with a number of recommendations and decisions. First, all the subject coordinators are urged to carry out classroom visits to follow up the implementation of the two strategies as well as other strategies that ensure students’ active participation and promote learner autonomy. Besides, after considering that the workshop was notably successful, the Committe looks forward to conducting similar ones in the coming weeks.

2014-10-28 11.38.532014-10-28 11.37.292014-10-28 09.32.47If you are interested, you can download the presentation used in the workshop here.

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