Education Excellence Award


Under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Crown Prince and Chairman of the Supreme Education Council, The Supreme Education Council celebrated, on 3rd March, 2013, the Education Excellence Day, which was held at the Qatar National Convention Center. His Highness honored more than 24 outstanding students, teachers and schools that came on top of the competing high school students, university graduates, PhD holders, teachers, schools and distinguished scientific researches.


His Highness also awarded the winning students with platinum and gold medals in addition to certificates of excellence, as well as financial rewards allocated for this purpose.


The ceremony of the Education Excellence Day was attended by sheikhs, ministers, senior state officials, educational leaders, school administrators, teachers, parents, students and representatives of the local media, including Television, Radio, the Qatar News Agency, and the local press.


The award is meant to deepen the concepts of excellence, to encourage all individuals and educational institutions to improve their performance, to promote positive trends towards knowledge and scientific research, and to spread the spirit of innovation and competition among students, researchers and educational organizations in the field of scientific excellence.


Since our school “Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School for Boys” has been awarded the Golden Medal of the Outstanding School Award. Today, we enjoy moments of happiness, we celebrate success and we embrace our dreams, as we made many efforts for such dreams to come true.  Now that we have reached Honors Day, we realize that our excellence is only the beginning of a long journey for more achievements in the future.


The EED Award includes the award for the excellent secondary school student. The Platinum Medal for Secondary School Graduates has been awarded to one of our most distinguished students Mohammed Ahmad Hashem Al Sada.


To celebrate this occasion, the school has given a dinner party to all the staff, students and their parents. The school Principal Mr Jameel Al-Shammari thanked all the staff for their hard work that resulted in achieving this great Excellence.

Preparing a Leader’s Portfolio for Attestation

All of us know the importance of the Academic Vice Principal’s work and how essential it is for the success of the educational process and the professional development of the staff in independent schools. To empower AVPs, some Academic Vice Principals have decided to form a forum for the Academic Vice Principals to exchange experience and knowledge. All Academic Vice Principals in Qatar are invited to join the Forum. A monthly meeting is held where volunteers give presentations on topics of mutual interest. I was lucky enough to give a presentation on School Self Review last month (second meeting for the forum).

This morning, Tuesday 17th April, 2012, the third meeting for the forum was held in my school (Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School for Boys). I was invited to give a presentation on preparing a leader’s portfolio.

The main objectives of the workshop that were achieved to a great extent were:

  • Identifying the different sections of a leader’s portfolio
  • Identifying the contents of each section
  • Displaying the new QORLA documents and how to use them
  • Naming evidences of practice for leaders
  • Applying for the Full Licence

The five sections or folders of a leader’s portfolio:

Section 1

This section includes your curriculum vitae as well as your personal statement or your educational philosophy.

Section 2

This is your self-audit (Self-Review).  It is a personal reflection on your progress in working with the national professional standards. In the light of the evidence guide bullet points for each standard, you identify your strengths, weaknesses and your plan for improvement.

Section 3

This section includes evaluation reports of your leadership practices prepared by an independent person.  It will most likely be a school evaluation report by the Principal of the school.

Section 4

This section includes copies of any awards, certificates and professional development evidence that are relevant to your leadership practice.

Section 5

This contains evidence of practice.  You must present seven folders of evidence that cover all seven standards. You need to fill in an evidence submission form with each evidence of practice.

Examples of the new documents of QORLA were displayed and discussed. It was also a good chance to present my portfolio with the modifications required by QORLA “Attestation Office”.

I like to thank all participants for cooperation and active participation.

You can download this presentation here.


Al-Montazah Cluster Meeting “Portfolios”

First of all I would like to thank all our guests who attended Al-Montazah Cluster Meeting in our school “Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School for Boys”.

The meeting started by Mr. Jameel’s presentation about the school in which he talked briefly about the school vision, mission and philosophy. He also clarified the 5 year strategic plan and pointed out the main aspects of the school which can only be achieved by implementing the National Professional Standards of the Supreme Education Council and the school policies.

Then, Mr. Jameel, the Principal/ operator of the school followed that by presenting his Portfolio. He went through the five sections of the portfolio and how to annotate them in the light of the professional standards for school leaders.

After that, it was my turn to present my own portfolio. I started by informing the audience that we would provide them with certain templates that would help them in preparing their portfolios, templates for leaders’ portfolios and other templates for teachers’ portfolios. I have to say that these templates helped me so much and made it much simpler for me to create my portfolio. I talked about the fact that I went through different stages to prepare my portfolio and ended up with my portfolio as a PowerPoint presentation.

I talked briefly about the five folders needed for the portfolio and mentioned the fact that it is an ongoing process that never ends as it should always be updated. Talking about the fifth folder which is considered the most difficult, I presented the five evidences that I annotated and that aroused a number of questions. There was an argument about using photos as an evidence and that a photo is not a strong evidence. There was a suggestion about using surveys or questionnaires. I gave an example of a survey that I used – Subject Self Review – to collect data about  the various departments of the school and identify strengths and areas that need development. I have to admit that the discussions were really fruitful.

Finally, I would like to thank all participants and those who praised our work and encouraged us to go ahead.

If you are interested, you can download a copy of my portfolio here.

Here are some photos from the meeting.

Our School Cooperation with the Community

As an indication and evidence of Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent School for Boys cooperation with the community, the school hosts the Qtel-Qatar Indian Football Forum (QIFF) Cup’s third Qatar-Kerala Inter-District Tournament these days. Besides Indian Ambassador Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa and organizers of the tournament, prominent community members took part in the opening ceremony at Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School grounds. Mr. Jameel Al-Shamari, the Principal and Operator of the school, Mr. Rashid Al-Naimi, Vice Principal for Administrative and Students’ Affairs and Mr. Reda Saad El-Mahdy, Academic Vice Principal of the school attended the ceremony and presented the Shield of the School as a gift to the sponsors of the tournaments. Mr. Jameel gave a short talk and wished all teams good luck. All participants expressed their support to Qatar’s bid for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. I have to say that it was really a fantastic event. The Gulf Times, as well as the other foreign newspapers, published news about the event on its first page. The following photo has been taken from the Gulf Times Newspaper.


Here are some more photos of the event



Eid Al-Fitr Invitation

As a traditional custom and on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, Mr. Jameel Al-Shimari, the Principal of ABH Independent  Secondary School, invited Mr. Rashid Al-Naimi, the Administrative Vice Principal of the school and Mr. Reda Saad El-Mahdy, the Academic Vice Principal of the school to his house at Al-Shahanya area. He also invited a group of teachers (the new comers to Qatar) so as to give them the chance to see new areas and districts of Qatar and to avoid being lonely on such an occasion and to overcome the feeling of homesickness. 


We all spent some nice time together chatting and discussing some issues that aimed at getting all the teachers and the workers to cooperate and do their best to achieve a considerable success at the end of the academic year 2009/2010.

All the people attending promised to do their best to make Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School on top of all the schools in Qatar. Everyone also thanked Mr. Jameel for his kindness and hospitality.

Here are some of the photos taken on that occasion.