Opportunity, Success, Attitude, Challenge, Risk and Change

Since we are approaching examinations and everyone thinks of success and how easy or difficult it is, I would like to talk about the importance of taking the opportunity of having some time available to be prepared for examinations. In fact, one should do his best to take every possible chance to study well, read and revise information from time to time so as to be ready all the time. One’s attitude towards success and the challenges he might face affect the chances of his success. One should have a very positive attitude and self-confidence so as to be able to face challenges and take risks to overcome difficulties and make¬† the necessary changes to achieve success.

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The plural forms of “fish” and “fruit”

During my visit to one of the schools this morning,¬†there was an argument about the plural forms of “fish” and “fruit”. A teacher was determined that these two words are uncountable and have no plural forms. I told the teacher that the plural forms could be (fish – fihes) / (fruit – fruits). When these words are used as collective nouns, the plural forms are: fish/ fruit, but if used to refer to different kinds of fish or fruit, the plural forms become: fishes and fruits. The following link gives more information about Plural forms of nouns. You can also visit the following link to see a Guide to Forming Plurals.
The lesson we learn from this argument is that we have to give ourselves time to look for the accurate information before we feel confident about a certain topic.