World Summit for Innovation in Education “WISE”

2013-10-28 16.26.51

 On Sunday 27th October 2013, Mr. Jameel Alshammari (ABHSS Principal) and I (Reda Saad Elmahdy – ABHSS AVP) began to participate in the preparations for the conference of the World Summit for Innovation in Education “Wise”, which was held in the Center of the Qatar National Convention, in order to prepare for the conference and participate in its activities and workshops to exchange experiences and ideas with various educators and men of education from around the world.

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Under the title of learning and leadership in the 21st Century, we attended some workshops with the participation of a number of leaders of international schools from Qatar, the United States and Brazil. The main purpose of these training workshops was to illustrate the possibility and importance of establishing a network of international education for school leaders, in order to design and implement projects to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

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It has been agreed to convert all the ideas, initiatives and experiences made ​​during the workshops to joint projects between the countries participating in the workshops in order to develop education and educational leadership, according to the challenges of 21st Century.

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Attending the workshops and the Conference gave us a very good chance to establish a network of communication between our school – ABHSS (Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary Boys’ School) and the Challa School in Arizona – USA, in order to get the students in the two schools to communicate and know each other and to learn about the culture prevalent in each country. Moreover, it has been agreed that the students themselves, in both schools, and under the supervision of their teachers, would choose a common topic for research and to start implementing it before the students meet together in March or April 2014, in the upcoming visit of the Challa School students to the State of Qatar.

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