10 Things Experienced Teachers Want New Teachers to Know

10 Things Experienced Teachers Want New Teachers to Know

Surfing the net, I came across this article by CHRISTINE ERICKSON and I liked it very much. I thought it could be very useful to a lot of teachers, so I decided to post it here hoping our teachers would benefit from the pieces of advice recommended by experienced teachers.

The first day of school is nerve-wracking for students — but it’s even scarier for new teachers.When you’re facing a whole room full of bright-eyed students whose future is in your hands, it’s an empowering and totally terrifying feeling. Like any practice, it takes time and experience to learn your way around the classroom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a few words of wisdom from experienced colleagues.

A few seasoned teachers at Math for America provided tips that first-time educators should know. But even seasoned teachers could benefit from these pieces of advice.

School Policies and Ahmed Bin Hanbal Way

Last Wednesday, 29 September 2010 was day 4 of the induction week. Mr Rashid Al-Naimi gave a presentation about school management system and ended up by giving a brief idea about “Ahmed Bin Hanbal Way“.


He started by highlighting the importance of “perfection” and advised staff to do their best to perfect their work. He informed the staff about the school academic calender showing the various dates for examinations and holidays wishing them all a successful year.



After that he started talking about school management systems; checking attendance, students’ behaviour, staff duties during the school day and emergency regulations. School management systems ensure enhancing positive behaviour, values and principles. School students should follow the school rules and good behaviour practices as students are considered the ambassadors and representatives of the school in the community.  It was also important clarifying the consequences of students’ poor behaviour and mentioning that we should try to gradually combat bad behaviour.


Mr. Rashid emphasized the importance of the relationship between parents and the school through the administrative staff and the social workers.
It was also good mentioning the undesirable practices that are prohibited in the school; physical punishment of students, private lessons, smoking, etc.

Staff were advised to:

  • be punctual and come to school before seven a.m.
  • welcome students on their arrival to school and encourage them to work hard.
  • cooperate with colleagues and school administration.
  • encourage students to sing the National Anthem enthusiastically.
  • be well prepared and to cooperate with the subject coordinators.
  • involve all students in class and non-class activities.
  • vary activities for differentiation.
  • get all visual aids and handouts ready a week in advance.
  • prepare a “Do-Now Activity” for the start of the lesson.
  • inform students of lesson objectives.
  • use the three strikes technique when necessary.
  • leave the class clean and tidy for the next teacher.


All teachers participated effectively and enthusiastically.

You can download Mr. Rashid’s presentation here .