National Professional Standards for Teachers and Leaders – Module 4

I must apologize for not writing for some time as I was busy preparing for Qatar National Day Celebrations on the 18th of December. I just wanted to complete writing about the series of modules on the National Professional Standards for Teachers and Leaders.

Tuesday 6th December was the last day (Day 4) of the training course on the National Professional Standards for Teachers and Leaders. It all started with an interesting game called “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” to check what we have learned about the National Professional Standards for Teachers and Leaders. Ian Smith, the trainer, has created a very helpful tool to guide teachers and leaders, correlating between the National Professional Standards statements and the Evidence Guide for the Entry Level (Teachers). The trainees checked the tool and suggestions were made for modifications. There has been a request to have the same tool made for the other levels for teachers and for leaders as well.

It was a good chance to brainstorm “Coaching”;  focusing on the following questions:

What is coaching?

Why do we use it?

Who coaches and who is coached?

How is it done?

When is it done?

There was also a discussion on “How coaching works” with a focus on the role of the coach and that of the coachee.

The last session focused on preparing a general action plan for presenting the National Professional Standards at school. Most of the candidates were interested and took it seriously as it is their responsibility to make NPSTSL clearly understood at school and to help teachers and school leaders to develop their professional portfolios.

I have to say that the course, in general, was very beneficial and has added a lot to our knowledge and skills about the National Professional Standards for Teachers and Leaders.

To download useful material related to this topic, visit the following link:—preparing-a-portfolio



Attestation and Coaching


On Sunday 12 December, 2010, Mr Tamer, the ICT Coordinator succeeded in presenting the different stages of attestation; starting with getting the provisional licence and ending up with the full licence. He also discussed the importance of choosing a coach to help and support the teacher in preparing his professional portfolio. There was a good discussion about the qualities of a good coach. Now staff are familiar with the process of getting the full licence. Mr. Tamer clarified the different stages one should go through to get the full licence. This workshop will be followed by occasional visits by Mr. Tamer to school departments; clarifying and giving help and guidance when needed.

You can download the presentation used here.