My Portfolio

In today’s session of the Advanced Attestation Course at Qatar University, I had the chance of presenting the updated version of my portfolio. I really benefited a lot from the comments made by the audience. I think I will do my best to make some modifications and changes to make it better. Anyhow, you can download a copy of my portfolio (the updated version) here. I would be very grateful if you provide me with your comments and remarks.

Al-Montazah Cluster Meeting “Portfolios”

First of all I would like to thank all our guests who attended Al-Montazah Cluster Meeting in our school “Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School for Boys”.

The meeting started by Mr. Jameel’s presentation about the school in which he talked briefly about the school vision, mission and philosophy. He also clarified the 5 year strategic plan and pointed out the main aspects of the school which can only be achieved by implementing the National Professional Standards of the Supreme Education Council and the school policies.

Then, Mr. Jameel, the Principal/ operator of the school followed that by presenting his Portfolio. He went through the five sections of the portfolio and how to annotate them in the light of the professional standards for school leaders.

After that, it was my turn to present my own portfolio. I started by informing the audience that we would provide them with certain templates that would help them in preparing their portfolios, templates for leaders’ portfolios and other templates for teachers’ portfolios. I have to say that these templates helped me so much and made it much simpler for me to create my portfolio. I talked about the fact that I went through different stages to prepare my portfolio and ended up with my portfolio as a PowerPoint presentation.

I talked briefly about the five folders needed for the portfolio and mentioned the fact that it is an ongoing process that never ends as it should always be updated. Talking about the fifth folder which is considered the most difficult, I presented the five evidences that I annotated and that aroused a number of questions. There was an argument about using photos as an evidence and that a photo is not a strong evidence. There was a suggestion about using surveys or questionnaires. I gave an example of a survey that I used – Subject Self Review – to collect data about  the various departments of the school and identify strengths and areas that need development. I have to admit that the discussions were really fruitful.

Finally, I would like to thank all participants and those who praised our work and encouraged us to go ahead.

If you are interested, you can download a copy of my portfolio here.

Here are some photos from the meeting.