Professional Portfolios

On Sunday dated 26 December, I conducted  a workshop on professional portfolios and how a teacher can prepare his professional portfolio against the national professional standards so as to be able to get the full professional licence. After discussing the five folders needed for the portfolio and the contents of each folder, I presented the updated version of my portfolio. The presentation was successful and valuable as I talked explicitly about each folder and its contents. Most teachers needed to have a look at one of the examples of completed portfolios.

Now staff are familiar with the contents of the five sections (folders) of a portfolio. This is going to be consolidated by displaying more examples of portfolios from other colleagues in different school departments. To help teachers prepare their portfolios, I have uploaded the five folders template (NPST Portfolio). You can simply download it and use it to prepare your own portfolio. Besides, a blank PowerPoint template is going to be delivered so that teachers can use it to prepare their own portfolios (presentations) which they can use to present their portfolios when being attested.

You can download the five folders template (NPST Portfolio) here.

And you can also download a copy of the updated version of my portfolio here.

Attestation and Coaching


On Sunday 12 December, 2010, Mr Tamer, the ICT Coordinator succeeded in presenting the different stages of attestation; starting with getting the provisional licence and ending up with the full licence. He also discussed the importance of choosing a coach to help and support the teacher in preparing his professional portfolio. There was a good discussion about the qualities of a good coach. Now staff are familiar with the process of getting the full licence. Mr. Tamer clarified the different stages one should go through to get the full licence. This workshop will be followed by occasional visits by Mr. Tamer to school departments; clarifying and giving help and guidance when needed.

You can download the presentation used here.