Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School and Supreme Eucation Council Curriculum Standards

Today Monday 27 September, 2010 was the second day of the “Induction Week” this year. The topic I handled this afternoon is of great importance to all the teachers as it discusses mostly the Supreme Education Council Curriculum Standards and how they can used in schools.

In our school Grade 10 students study the advanced level of the four main subjects: Arabic, English, Science and Mathematics. Grade 11 students have two levels of study: Foundation and Advanced within three different pathways: Medicine, Engineering and Business Administration. Grade 12 students still use the Ministry of Education curriculum, but teaching should follow the same modern trends applied in Grades 10 and 11.

The discussion was based on how teachers can change SEC Standards into curriculum, make lesson plans and create content material that helps achieve the standards. The discussion also elicited the various teaching resources including textbooks, worksheets, handouts, PPT presentations, flashes, the Internet and other online resources.

Evaluation and assessment tools and techniques were briefly discussed and how teachers can benefit from this in planning for their teaching, identifying the different levels of students and their learning needs and designing programs for future teaching.

The main Target of the school is “To improve learning through improving the quality of teaching”.

Teachers mentioned how they derive objectives from the standards and then create the content that would help achieve those objectives in the light of the SEC performance standards (Key Standards and Non-Key Standards) and schemes of work.

I think have benefited a lot from this presentation and promised to do their best to promote teaching and learning in the school.

Best wishes to all colleagues.

You can easily download this presentation by clicking here.