Lesson Starters “Ice-Breakers”

  • The trainer this week (Sunday 28 November, 2010) Mr. Majdi Al-Khamaysa, has proved to be well-prepared, aware of objectives, motivating and confident.
  • Mr. Majdi, the Biology Coordinator in our school, started the session by providing trainees with the English word: “Information” and conducted a competition among groups; getting each group to form as many words as possible from the letters of that word.  The winner is the group who would form the largest number of words.  Groups were interested and enthusiastic to participate. that was an introduction to the main topic of the session which is “Lesson Starters“.
  • Then the concept of the “starter activity” was elicited. Teachers’ participation was good and they gave excellent definitions for the word “Starter”.
  • The trainer brainstormed the objectives of the starter activity for both learners and teachers. Trainees were active and could give clear objectives, but there was an argument whether the starter addresses individual differences.
  • The purpose of “starters” was also discussed and we arrived at the fact that starters prepare students affectively and cognitively. Examples of ideas for starters were provided. This can be summed up in: games, riddles, quizzes, songs, crossword puzzles, telling an anecdote, etc.
  • The practical side has been postponed to the next session.

You can download this presentation here.

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