Mind Maps



In the course of the professional development program of the school this year 2013-2014, I conducted a workshop on “Mind Maps” for the school teachers. The main objectives of the workshop were:

  • to identify and clarify the concept of mind maps, how and when to use them
  • to identify the advantages of using mind maps im teaching
  • to display “mind maps” designed by the school teachers
  • to design “mind maps” for different school subjects


When I first thought of how to present this to teachers, I came across a very nice video on “Teaching in the 21st Century” which I decided to use as content to discuss in the form of mind maps. I designed a worksheet in the form of a “mind map” with gaps to fill. The trainees were to watch the video and complete the missing information in the mind map. The exercise was very useful as it helped the trainees (the school teachers) to acquire information about teaching in the 21st Century and how mind maps can be useful in getting all trainees involved in a learning activity.



The workshop was successful as all objectives were achieved and teachers were capable of producing mind maps of their own and that could be used later in their teaching.


You can download the presentation used here.

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